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Different Types of Emerald Gemstone

Emerald gemstone is mesmerizing gemstone. This gemstone is rarer in the nature and very famous because it’s alluring shades of green.  Emerald is a gemstone of royal, because it was made popular ancient emperors, it always being an imperial choice. Emerald is the birthstone for the “May” born.  Emerald is also well known stone because of its attractive healing properties. This stone is co-related to the planet “Mercury”, so it symbolizes eternal youth and prosperity.

Emerald is a part of the beryl family and it results from the natural phenomenon which is known as “Exometamorphism”. In this phenomenon, the elements of “Chromium and Vanadium” provide the shining green color to the basic rock.  The color difference of an emerald depends on the amount of iron in it. There are several types of emerald and most of the emeralds are known for their origin’s name.

Colombian Emeralds: The first and foremost emeralds were produced in “Columbia”. Colombian emerald mines are leading mines in the whole world till now, because it gives both quality and quantity to the buyers. Colombian emeralds are in deep shade of green and these emeralds can easily be identified because of its transparency and crystallization, all these qualities of Colombian emerald make it differs from “Brazilian emerald and African emerald”. “Muzo and Chivor” are the two famous mines for Colombian emeralds. In “Muzo” emeralds are slightly in yellowish color whilst in “Chivor” emerald has minor bluish shade in it.  In Colombian mines emerald’s work is done by hands and plucked from carbonaceous shale, which make it more in demand in the world.

Brazilian Emeralds: Brazilian emeralds were found in 1920. After this “Brazilian emerald” became affordable emeralds in early 1960”s then they came into the market with the best quality of Brazilian emerald in the year 1980 at Itabera in Minais Gerais, Santa Teresinha in Goias, and Nova Era near Itabera and they are producing till now. Mostly, Brazilian emeralds are yellowish or lighter in shade.

Zambian Emerald: Whenever it comes to fine emerald majority of people consider to the “Colombian or Brazilian emeralds” but “Zambian emeralds” are also very much in demand.  Zambia is situated in South Africa, large scale of emerald mines were started in 1976 in Zambia.  Zambian emeralds are greener and brighter than Colombian emeralds, which make it leading emerald origin in the world.

Synthetic Emerald: The synthetic emeralds were initiated in the 1930’s. Earlier this process was known as Farben and the Chatham processes, but this was not that much successful,  then one more processes was introduced in 1960’s named as a hydrothermal flux process. This process was used to produce synthetic emerald.  In this method crystal nutrient are dissolved in an acidic solution of water and chemicals at a very high temperature and pressure. It is then allowed to crystallize in a cooler chamber of the reactor. This method was proved very worthwhile and by 1980, 500,000carats emeralds were produced with the help of this process. Manufacturers like Biron, Chatham, Kyocera, Gilson, Inamori, Farben, Lechleitner, Linde and others produce synthetic emeralds these days.

Cat’s eye Emerald: Cat’s eye emeralds are the rarest one. In this, emeralds have a  cat’s eye effect in it, it is known as “Chatoyancy” which looks like a wide slit same to the pupil in a cat’s eye. These are only found in paler green emerald.

Trapiche Emerald: These “Trapiche Emeralds” are mined in the “Muzo” mine which is located in Columbia. These emeralds hold “Black Impurities” that formed a “six ray stars” which make it different from other emeralds.

Star Emeralds: The word “Star Emerald” indicates to “Trapiche Emeralds”. This term is used to describe the rare occurrence of asterism or the presence of rayed star moving inside of an emerald.

Red Emerald or Bixbite: “Red Emerald” is formed out of a mineral “Beryl” takes its color because of the presence of “Manganese”. This emerald is rarely found in area of Utah’s Wah Wah Mountain. That is why this is the rarer gem of the world to be found. 

Emerald is a rare gemstone and to have a benefits of this stone one should wear real, natural and certified gemstones. To buy the natural and certified gemstone visit . Here you will get every type of emerald gemstone in wide range, shapes and sizes.

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